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Our vision is to be the leading firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants & technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. Through our work, we make a positive difference in the country by generating value for our clients, our people and the community.
Our consistent delivery makes us the partner of choice for country leading organizations designing, building, construction, testing and refurbishing or fitting out their spaces or real estate. Our responsibilities Yaqeen Team

Engr. Tareq
Managing Director's Note

Engr. Md. Tareque Adnan
Member, IEB M-38588


the Managing Director of Yaqeen Engineering Limited (YEL), I would like to extend my best wishes to everyone. Since the beginning of my civil engineering career, I have been working on building safety & compliance issues. I have spent two significant years of my career as a structural safety engineer at the Accord on Fire & Building Safety in Bangladesh.
The first & foremost important factor in building construction is proper architectural & structural design. From my past work experience, I have witnessed many cases where buildings are constructed without following the BNBC. Proper consideration of seismic and wind load in a structural design during building construction is a must. In addition, proper seismic detailing should also be under consideration.
Many of us are quite indifferent about construction work. To achieve desired strength, the mixing ratio has to be fixed by selecting proper construction materials prior to construction. In such cases, relevant material test reports must be preserved. YEL continues its work properly in the field of structural design & construction & is commit− ted to do so.
Apart from new building construction we also conduct retrofitting in existing buildings. Furthermore, YEL also deals with electrical and fire safety issues. YEL Designs single line diagrams and lightning protection systems by maintaining appropriate codes on electrical safety issues. Similarly, fire safety systems are designed by following appropriate codes on fire safety issues.
In our society, lack of commitment in schedule is seen in most of the construction works. YEL is walking against the flow and ensures proper commitment and always comes with accurate safety and construction costs and will continue to do so in the future, InshaAllah. I wish everyone's sincere cooperation and blessings in this regard.

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